Final Fantasy VII – Soundtrack Review

final fantasy soundtrack review

The Game

A brief assessment: very last delusion VII is one of the nice RPG video games ever created. With shiny landscapes, three-D animation and environments, this position-gambling, console-style RPG is an epic adventure. SquareSoft, the sport developer made each factor of it close to ideal. The game has a pretty appropriate user score throughout one of kind structures’ rankings. Very last myth has a number of tune packed in with big diversity of patterns.


Nobuo Uematsu, the composer of the soundtrack used several styles and strategies to make it standout. With “One Winged Angel” and “Aerith’s topic” being some of his nice acknowledged works. Additionally different tracks included in the album are J-E-N-O-V-A, folks who combat similarly, and Shinra organization.

The use of primitive synthesizer technology within the soundtrack cannot often go ignored, even with the informal listeners. Uematsu hired MIDI with a few range of patches to increase the sport’s load instances at one-of-a-kind stages. The soundtrack also brings in a spread of various moods. With the range of patches being few, the soundtrack brings a one of a kind temper and experience.

The spirit of the sport is well captured in the string segment. “Tense coronary heart” being one of the maximum beautiful portions on the soundtrack. Shinra theme comes within the early part of the sport. For those who are not familiar with the tune or the sport or both, “Shinra” had been the bad men. The tune related perfectly displays the darkish evil it portrayed in the Final Fantasy VII

Earlier than the bad things take place in the sport, a grand orchestral piece layered splendidly with the additional keyboards overlapping is experienced. That is a mood changing element. Aerith theme sets the sad mood, regularly builds into orchestral crescendo then falls again to an easy notes. Uematsu makes use of long epics as the sport comes to stop. This is wherein tracks like “One Winged Angel” are available in.

Very last myth VII music album is a group of tune that continuously trade pace, genres, and mood. The composer uses his robust memorable reasons to create an experience of brotherly love in the course of the soundtrack.

Do we have any flaws in the soundtrack?

It’s far feasible to be biased and effortlessly pass this element. Any gamer, especially those who’ve performed delusion VII will continually tell you about this. Uematsu soundtrack has some flaws that need to be addressed. Because of MIDI hired in the introduction of the soundtrack, there’s negative sound first-class. A mean man or woman may not recognize this because Uematsu has an ideal manner of masking it up.

Any other problem determined inside the soundtrack is the masses of fade-outs used as opposed to definitive endings. Having many tracks within the soundtrack missing compositional merit is another flaw. But, the use of multiple compositional technique has made Uematsu’s soundtrack in the game greater beautiful.

The soundtrack may be very famous because of its association with the sport. For the game enthusiasts who’ve already performed very last fantasy VII, the soundtrack creates a few cinematic revel in which could be very essential as you play the game.

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