How to Find a Secured Virtual Space on a Low Budget?

It is impossible to achieve a positive effect from the secured virtual space without effective actions of the management personnel, but it is possible to do that with a low budget.

Is That Possible to Secure Your Internet with a Low Budget?

Low budget in secured virtual space in common meaning means the technology of information transmission using special electronic computer systems for a low price. In this case, such systems are understood primarily as computer networks. It should be noted that for all transactions, except for the financial component and the use of an option at the stage of considering a potential transaction, these issues must be resolved, a plan of both tactical and strategic actions is needed. 

It cannot be denied that the information and telecommunications network “Internet” is increasingly penetrating our life with you. For some, it has become a source of knowledge, for others, it is used in work, someone found friends with the help of the Internet, and someone was even able to establish their personal life. Most of us find it difficult to imagine a day without online communication with friends, watching the latest news or new videos.

However, despite all this diversity, there are practically no special works devoted to the problem, which could be conventionally called “computer and education”. There are only sporadic studies concerning some of its aspects: mainly computer addiction and its correction, networked Internet communities. It is regrettable that at present there is a significant lag in the volume and diversity of research on the above-mentioned topics in our country and in English-language pedagogy, sociology, cultural studies, and social psychology (even in the field of distance learning, where the number of defended candidate dissertations is counted in hundreds).

Finding the information you need by manually sifting through the system log data would be unrealistic. The situation was saved thanks to the ability to analyze gigantic volumes of information in parallel with the recognition of anomalies and the identification of hidden connections. The root cause was the “freezing” of several ports, which provoked congestion in the network.

The Connection between Personal Data and Secure Virtual Space

Personal data – any information relating directly or indirectly to a specific or identifiable individual (subject of personal data). That personal data is information about a specific person. This is the data that allows us to recognize a person in a crowd, identify and define a specific person. There are a lot of such identifying data, they include: 

  • last name;
  • first name;
  • patronymic; 
  • date of birth;
  • place of birth;
  • place of residence;
  • phone number; 
  • email address;
  • photo, age, etc. 

Personal data that is secured with the virtual data rooms for mergers and acquisitions should not be confused with personal data. Personal data is generally the totality of all data about a user on the Web. For example, geolocation data, statistics on the most visited Internet pages, photos, etc. The consequence of this was the active development of a special class of information systems – information and analytical systems (see the dictionary), focused on operational analytical processing of data extracted from a variety of data sources both inside and outside the organization, designed to help the organization’s management personnel in making reasonable and timely solutions. The information and analytical system are based on several information technologies. Typically, information and analytical systems combine data warehouse technology, online data analysis technology, data mining technology, and modern visualization technologies.

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