Pokemon GO Hack Android

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Sooner or later, players wonder how to hack Pokemon GO, what benefits can be obtained from it, and how to become the best in their region. The developers have tried very hard to make the game as secure as possible, but a few holes still remain.

Pokemon Go Hack for Money and Items on Android

All transactions related to receiving items and money in the game occur on the side of the server. That is, it will not work to hack Pokemon GO for money from the client application (your smartphone). The server knows exactly how many halls you occupy, which Pokemon is next to you, and how you interact with. Coins are awarded for winning the arena. And therefore the only thing you can do is to win a large number of them.

Pokemon are also located in a variety of places, locations, and sometimes even tied to regions. Even to get Poke Balls, you have to walk between PokeStops. All this leads to the idea that the only action that can be faked and hacked is moving around the map. Having the opportunity to cover ten kilometers per day, the player will develop his character extremely quickly and successfully, capturing dozens of halls, catching hundreds of Pokemon, and visiting a great many new locations with PokeStops.

How to Hack Pokemon GO and Fake Movement

Since you cannot hack Pokemon GO for money in a direct way, you will have to earn coins by winning arenas. To do this, you need to walk a lot and have a strong Pokemon. You can even do this while sitting at home with a cup of tea. Cheating will be done with the FakeGPS program, which does not require root rights. With the latest updates, the game stopped running on rooted devices, and therefore the old instructions for hacking the game are no longer relevant and useful.

How to Finish Hacking

First, you need to enable developer mode on the device to make the Pokemon GO hack Android. To do this, you need to press quickly about 20 times on the build number in the Settings – About the phone menu. Now a new item For developers will appear in the phone settings. In this menu, you need to find the line Select application for fictitious locations and mark the installed FakeGPS. It is important that All Sources is checked in the Location settings.

After turning on the game and waiting for it to fully load, minimize the window and open FakeGPS. Select a point on the map, preferably in the city center, but not on the other side of the planet. Press start and after a couple of seconds stop. After that, the game teleports you to the specified point. It remains to correct your position and start catching Pokemon, spinning PokeStops, and occupying the halls.


As you can see, it is very easy to hack Pokemon GO on Android. You just need several minutes to get the strongest Pokemon.

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