What Does Seeding Mean in UTorrent?

What Does Seeding Mean in UTorrent

So, what does seeding mean in UTorrent? 

Well, it means the process of making sure that a specific torrent can get more downloads and traffic. Such a process derives from the goal of the service and its needs. So let’s look at it with more details. 

Seeding and Its Goal

If you are running a torrent in UTorrent, you will be getting a lot of people looking for your torrent, and most of them are likely to be interested in downloading it. The process of this is called seeding, and this is actually how most sites get their torrents into the top ten rankings. There are a lot of people who do not know what seeding is about, though. They are not even aware that there is such a thing.

It is all about downloading

When you talk about seeding, it means that you have an initial seed that will be given to a torrent. The person or persons who seed the torrent get a copy of the seed, and they give it to the persons who want to download it. Once that happens, the person who is interested in downloading gets to that torrent first, and then he tries to download it. After that, he or she will go to the next one and so on. This is how the process works.

Why UTorrent?

Of course, seeding can also be used in other sites, but in UTorrent, it is most commonly used. This is because there are many people looking for UTorrent, and they are all interested in downloading the torrents.

Another reason why seeding is necessary in UTorrent is that this is where the site’s ranking will be determined. This is because when you have a very good torrent, then the people who want to download it will start to make the ranking for that torrent as well. Once this happens, the site will begin to have a higher rank, which is of great help to the site.

 It is also worth noting that the more people who seed, the better the site will be because then the traffic will increase, which means more downloads.

Bottom Line

Lastly, if not seeding, the torrents themselves and filesharing are unlikely to have become such a great deal for modern users. It allows people to spread the info and get traffic. In this regard, the file continues to live on the web. 

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